English in the Kinderhaus

English in the Kinderhaus

A short report from Emily:

I would like to share a little look into how English in the Kinderhaus is part of the children’s day.

Throughout the day I support children in English as they work with the montessori materials, cooking, preparing snacks and taking care of the Kinderhaus. This is working very well as the children find the familiar processes and resources give them the extra clues that they need when understanding new vocabulary. 

I lead circle time in English with children who want to  and sing  familiar songs to welcome, greet and say goodbye to each child. They also regularly practice useful questions such as asking someones name, age and how they are feeling. I also share stories with repetitive phrases which the children can join in with. Sometimes we repeat old favourites on request or introduce new books on themes of interest of the children. 

Sometimes we play fun running, miming and chasing games. The kids also love dancing to English songs. This is not only a great way to support the children’s physical development and to let off steam, but a very effective way to focus on following English instructions precisely and at speed!